Erised Ouji Shorts

Erised Ouji Shorts


ϟ Made from polyester poplin, and fully lined with 100% polyester lining.
ϟ Zips up the side via invisible zipper.
ϟ Both waist and legs are fitted (no shirring/elastic), finished with a narrow grosgrain ribbon, and close with a single button.
ϟ Front features a fully functioning pocket on either side.
ϟ Designed to sit at the waist rather than the hips, so keep that in mind when measuring lengths.
ϟ Sample is made in the 16" length.

☛ Of course this is available in all colors - the sample photos just happen to be the only ones I've made at this time.
☛ Samples are shown in The Snake and The Lion colorways.

✂︎ I'm estimating around 4-6 weeks wait time (after the reservation window closes) before shipping. (This is just a rough estimate, as I'm always unsure of the amount of orders I'll get for a release.)

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  • Sizing on these shorts is custom, other than the lengths.
  • Available lengths are: 15", 16", 17", 18". (Sample is made in the 16" length) <- This length does include both waist and legbands in this measurement, and is the full length of the shorts - not the inseam. 
  • To measure the legband, first pick your length. Say you want to go with the 16" length. Now, measure 16"  from your waist, down. Where that length hits you on your leg is where you measure around your leg (should be about mid thigh or so).
  • Hope that makes sense. Questions? Email me. Due to the fitted (i.e., not elasticized, like bloomers or my other ouji shorts) nature of the legband, this is an important measurement, and I don't want to end up making it too tight to wear. However, the fit of the legband is not skin tight - I do make the legband about 1" bigger than your measurement so it's not like strangling your leg to death.
  • I promise this isn't as hard/scary as it may seem - I just want to be absolutely clear about where to measure