Student Blouse, black

Student Blouse, black


ϟ This simple blouse is made from a light-weight polyester/cotton batiste, except for the sleeves, which are sheer, 100% polyester chiffon.
ϟ Collar has a slight batty shape in the front.
ϟ Bodice is very flowy and loose around the waist - it basically has the same structure as the original Academic Blouse, except in a different fabric.
ϟ Sleeve cuff is fitted, and closes via single button.

☛ Sizing chart/information is in last photo.
☛ Sample is made in the size 2.
☛ Once you click ‘Add to Cart’, you’ll be able to input your sizing information.
☛ Custom sizing! Is available, as always. Email me for specifics/pricing/questions, etc.
☛ Payment plans are also available this time around! Email me for this too.

✂︎ Turnaround time! Since I don’t have to wait on fabric to be custom printed, turnaround time should be relatively quick. I plan on getting to work on orders right as they come in, so I’m estimating up to a ~6-8 week wait at the longest, depending on when your order comes in, and how many orders I get overall. (For instance, if you place your order the day reservations open, your order could be shipping in as quick as a week, but if you place it on the last day, it’ll be a longer wait due to the orders I need to get finished first.)

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