Academic Blouse

Academic Blouse


ϟ Made from a light-weight polyester/cotton blend fabric. Stripes are sheer and solid.
ϟ Very simple/relaxed fit - waist/hip area is 'free-size', and bust/shoulder area is fitted.
ϟ Sleeve is full length, and closes with a single button.
ϟ Buttons available in silver, gold, bronze, or white.
ϟ Removable neckbow available in red, yellow, green, or navy.

☛ Very limited stock! I've been hoarding this fabric for a very long time, but I only have a limited amount, thus only a handful of blouses made in this fabric will be available.

✂︎ I'm estimating around 4-6 weeks wait time (after the reservation window closes) before shipping. (This is just a rough estimate, as I'm always unsure of the amount of orders I'll get for a release.)

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As I'm only taking a handful of orders for this blouse, I've decided to just make this a custom piece.
The only measurements I'm asking for are your bust and waist.