♛ Made from the same beautifully soft chiffon fabric as V2.0, in collaboration with the talented illustrator, Joopis. (Btw did you realize it’s been FIVE years since this print was originally, originally released? Wtf. We’ve grown a lot. But at the same time... I feel like I haven’t grown much at all. Oh, and the sequel to this print is comin’ soon, haha. Art for the print is like 90% finished ahhh.)
♛ I’m a pyschopath, so everything about this dress is elaborate. It takes me quite a while to finish because sewing together, finishing, and hand-gathering all those ruffles is tedious and by the time I look up it’s taken too long. And then I’m sad because it looks like I’ve done hardly anything at all. Anyways, onto the actual description now:
♛ Under-lined with a poly/cotton fabric, just like the original V2.0, and actually-lined with a polyester lining.
♛ Sleeves are e x t r a, and super full and ridiculous, just like in my dreams. They’re made from 100% polyester, and not quite as soft as the print, but they’re alright. They measure in at about ~40” long from shoulder to hem at the longest point, and are finished with a small scallop lace. The sleeve is open down the entire front of the arm, and then stitched together with 2 gold buttons right above the elbow. So a bit of shoulder/upper arm may peek out, and the whole lower arm is free/uncovered.
♛ Hem is finished with a lot of things. Staring from the top: ~2” wide heavy rose lace, followed by a flowery/cameo mesh lace. Under that are three fabric ruffles - batiste, swiss dot, and batiste. They all have raw hems because they’re beautiful and that’s what I’m into. They’re basted, so they shouldn’t just unravel all over the floor, but they are delicate - so you’ve been warned. All the lace/ruffles measured from the hem of the print, to the hem of the bottommost ruffle is ~8.5” long.
♛ Bodice! Our kingly deer takes center stage this time, adorning the front of the bodice with all of his gracefulness. The sides of the front and back are turned on the bias, and then have heavy rose lace stitched in between the stripes of the print. The seams are also finished in a narrow rose lace.
♛ Zips up the back, and features removable waist ties, which are finished in a single gold bead. Front of the waist also features a removable bow, adorned with various gold beads.
♛ Neckline is finished with 2 different mesh laces, and then of course, a removable satin bow, featuring a gold crown pendant. Because as I said above, our handsome albino deer is our king after all.

☛ Btw, I still have lots of tights in stock, as well as a few tote bags, if you wanna complete yer queenly look.

✂︎ Turnaround time. Haha. Let’s say… 3-5 weeks? I still have a handful of Erised orders that need my attention, and these dresses take hella time to make, so I’m thinking by the end of April they should all be shipped out ^^;

☛ This release is very similar to the Eat Your Heart Out special release I did a while back - I simply have too much of this fabric laying around, and I wanted to do something heavenly with it. I have a tendency to over-estimate, and over-order fabric, so I just have a plethora that’s been hanging out since the last release. I love doing OTT looks like this, and I truly feel like I’m living my best life when working on things of this caliber. Thank you for giving me a reason to live

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