Insomnia Peignoir, white

Insomnia Peignoir, white


Yay, a proper peignoir!
➻ Made from a light-weight, super flowy 100% nylon sheer fabric. It's not at all scratchy or rough feeling in the least. This is the same type of fabric used in lingerie, and it's super smooth and soft to the touch.
➻ Hem is finished with a simple ruffle.
➻ Sleeve is a double-tier flutter, and yes the hem is unfinished. HOWEVER, unlike some of my other garments, this fabric in fact will not fray or unravel -it will keep it's nice clean edge.
➻ Neckline/front is finished with a pretty, scallopy mesh lace.
➻ FYI: Does not include any sort of waist ties/ribbon tie to keep it closed.

★ Please keep in mind - my house is the official center of Static City, so taking photos of this was real fun as it kept sticking to itself/the dress form in odd ways. So the reason it's sort of folded in on itself in the front/bottom is due to this -__-
★ Sample peignoir measures 48" in length.

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Peignoir sizing! Of course, peignoirs are 'basically' free-sized, but I decided to break this up into sizes just to ensure it'll be flowy and drapey for all body types.