Insomnia OP, light

Insomnia OP, light


❦ This dress is made from a variety of delicious fabrics. The main body of the dress (and bottommost ruffle) is made out of a cotton gauze - it has a medium-ish weight and a lovely texture. The sleeve, top ruffle, and neck area is made from a cotton voile - a very lightweight, semi-sheer fabric. 
❦ In addition to being fully lined with 100% polyester lining, it is also interlined (yay!) with a lightweight cotton in order to give the dress a nice weight, and to keep the gauze in tact (gauze has a tendency of warping and stretching itself out of shape that would make the dress look gross and misshapen imo just by itself).
❦ Neckline features a super wide, super lovely, heavy mesh lace. 
❦ Sleeve has 3 rows of narrow elastic, and is finished with a small delicate lace.
❦ Neck is also elasticized with 3 rows of narrow elastic. The elastic I used is very stretchy, and shouldn't be a problem pulling over your head.
❦ Comes with a length 1.5" wide satin ribbon, which can be cut to size, and tied around the waist or left off. It is not attached to the dress in any way.

★ Sample measures 44" long, including ruffles.
✖︎ Does NOT include rosette or peignoir. This listing is only for the dress itself.

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This dress is pretty much free size - the only "fitted" part being in the neck/shoulder area. However, I have chosen to break this dress up into sizes to make my job easier. The sizing is based just on your bust measurement - the sizes listed are the suggested bust measurements (in inches) that each size will fit.