Rozen's Romance: Fabric Yardage Samples Are Here!

Well, that came a lot earlier than expected. I thought maybe, if I'm lucky, I'd get the fabric in by the end of this week. But nope - here right in the middle of the week, the fabric made it's arrival! I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I simply cannot wait to get to work on these samples and bring my designs to life! I briefly thought about making a video to show the fabric off better, but... that takes too much time, and I'd rather just get to work than sit here editing & uploading video for hours. Besides, there'll be plenty of video to show off these designs in action from the photo shoot  and other things that'll be taking place here in a few weeks.
I was a bit nervous upon receiving the fabric - I had my boyfriend open the package actually, because I was so scared that it might not've turned out well, or the colors would be way off or some other tragedy. But all my worry was for nought, because the fabric turned out perfectly. I'm so happy I didn't go with Spoonflower after all, as these blacks are real, rich blacks - not charcoal or dark grey. BLACK. And it's beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the print itself looks even better than it did while designing it on my screen.
I had my worries about the green not printing right, but I don't know what for. It came out a lot prettier than I anticipated, and I'm really happy to be able to have a green colorway for the first time. The purple also worried me a bit - I was afraid it'd print identical to the navy, which of course it didn't. It is a little close in color, but it's still super pretty. I may "purple" it up a bit more for the actual release, but we'll see.

Carmen Wade