Rozen's Romance: Materials

Now that all my materials for Rozen's Romance have finally came in (just got the lace in today!), I can get this post up! I've already shared some pictures on my facebook page of some of the materials, but here's everything all in one place. I'm really excited for the materials in this collection because in addition to getting acrylic laser cut rose charms made, I'll also be spiking, which is something I've never really been into but it really felt right for this print, and I think it'll make for a super beautiful detail.

Fabric & Lining
Neither of these are pictured, but are probably the most important parts to this collection. The garments will of course be lined, with a nice polyester lining. The fabric print itself will be a high quality 100% cotton - similar to Resplendent Nightmare's, but a bit nicer. I should have my print yardage for samples in by the end of the week, and I'll be sure to make a big posting about that.

These fake flowers will be used for things like bonnets and headbands. They've got a nice finish to them too - almost like flocking. They will be splattered with paint to mimic the print.

Acrylic Rose Charms
These lovely laser cut roses will be used for bodice and headdress details. It's not shown in the photo, but they will be splattered with paint to mimic the print.

The wider lace will of course be for hemlines, some of the details in the blouses, and probably bonnets too. The narrower lace will take it's place in bodice and accessory details.

These lovely black spikes will be making a home for themselves on hemlines, as well as accessories like headbands and bonnets. They're actual metal spikes that'll be screwed into the cloth, not glued or sewn on.

Rose Buttons
The rose buttons will of course be used for blouse buttons, as well as for removable waist ties on the dresses and skirt.

Ribbon lace ups over shirring is always a classy detail in my opinion. This time I'll be using actual grommets to thread the ribbon through, instead of weaving it through lace or trim.

And that's about it! So, so much goes into creating a collection, and it really doesn't seem that way until everything is together. I cannot wait to get to work on the samples - as I mentioned above, I should have my fabric in by the end of the week! I've also mentioned having socks made on my facebook page as well, and that's definitely still happening! I'm guessing I should have them in here in a few weeks? They're still in the process of being made so I can only speculate until I get confirmation.

Carmen Wade