Rozen's Romance: About Reservations

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I would be holding reservations for this print, instead of having the print in my shop for regular sale like I usually do. I know a lot of other brands and indie brands do this, and it's something I never thought I'd be doing. But honestly, it's going to make things easier on me. A lot of the materials that go into this print come from overseas, and the fabric & die cut roses alone take several weeks to get to me. So it's just easier to order everything at once to fulfill orders rather than trying to hold onto materials throughout the year, or having to order one or two or something just to make one skirt. I think holding reservations will also give me more time & opportunity to be able to focus on working on other prints & collections throughout the year.

With that said, I'm going to lay out a bit about how the reservations will work:

  • Will start next week, from May 24-June 7th. I originally had them starting this weekend, but I decided to push them back a week that way Frill is right in the middle of the period instead of at the end. Speaking of which, Rozen's Romance will be shown at Frill, and I will be taking reservations there as well.
  • Prices aren't set or posted yet - they will be similar in price to Resplendent Nightmare - maybe a touch more, because the fabric is more than twice as expensive and the spikes add a lot to the cost as well as construction time.
  • Payment is not required in full, but is much appreciated and makes things easier. I do take payment plans and am willing to split the price in two, as long as the second half is paid by June 14th.
  • Shipping. I'm guesstimating that orders will begin shipping out the first week of July. This may fluctuate depending on how many orders I get though, and you'll be updated as things get closer to that time. I always ship priority, so the US will get their orders in 2-3 days and international will get theirs in 6-10 days. That being said, shipping prices have gone up, and won't be offered for free like with Resplendent Nightmare.
  • What's available for reservation? All of Rozen's Romance printed garments will be up for reservation (this includes pieces made with the printed fabric such as the skirt, jsk, op, as well as the printed version of the vest, and headbow & bonnet and socks) - everything else (like blouses & puffy shorts) will become integrated in our shop for regular sale. You can of course order a blouse with your skirt for example, but you don't have to worry that the blouses will be going away after the reservation period.
  • Sizing. Yep, you read that right. I've never done sizing before, but this time I am (for the skirt/jsk/op). I'll have 3 different sizing options available, as well as 2 different skirt lengths. I'll of course still have custom sizing available if you don't fit within the sizing, or are 10 feet tall or something like that.
Carmen Wade