Rozen's Romance: Fabric Samples

Today I got in a sample for Rozen's Romance. This one is from Spoonflower, which is the service I'd used to print Lollipop Parade last year around this time. The reason I switched from them and tried my hand at screenprinting, was simply because their black sucked. It was more like a dark grey, and I was never truly happy with it. (First world goth problems: Not finding the "right" black).

So when it came time to figure out printing solutions for Rozen's Romance, I decided to look around at other services, if there were any. I did find quite a few - most operating with outdated, sketchy looking websites, and not getting any responses from my emails asking about samples. Except for one. This took place a few weeks ago, and I never mentioned anything, because I didn't think I'd end up going with them. Not because I didn't like their quality - quite the opposite in fact! Their black is super rich, and the colors are gorgeous - it looks exactly what my screen looks like, which is great. I wasn't going to go with them because their prices are a bit... pricey, and their website is definitely not as user friendly as say, Spoonflower's. Even getting my file to them to print a sample was something of a task, and required several emails back and forth.

But seeing my Spoonflower sample today, and comparing it with the other place, there's really no competition. Spoonflower loses, once again. I thought the black looked alright at first, but once I compared it with the other, there was no question about it. Even the reds look drastically different. Richer, brighter colors will win every time.

I included some photos below of the different samples, and then a comparison one. Obviously, since I got those samples a few weeks ago, it's not the final design, but you get the point. In the comparison photo, Spoonflower's is on the right.

Carmen Wade