Rozen's Romance: Print Design

I've at last finished the final design & colorways for Rozen's Romance! I'm planning on releasing all of these colorways, so hopefully everyone finds one they're happy with. (In the beginning while designing this print, I had momentarily thought of doing pastels as well, but I decided against it. I just broke away from doing all things Sweet, and I don't need to relapse so soon! Besides, I think the jewel tones are absolutely lovely, and fit with this concept and my brand better.) The image posted below is representative of a ~21" skirt - minus the waistband and hem laces, to get a better idea of the scale. I think my work looks much better on a finished garment, so I simply cannot wait to get my samples finished! Speaking of which, I still need to post my garment sketches - I've had those mostly finished for awhile, but I keep going back and reiterating on them. Hopefully I should be happy enough with them before the end of the week, so I can reveal them.

Carmen Wade