Rozen's Romance: Sketches & Garment Design

Ah, finally - a look at wtf I'm going to be making out of this lovely fabric. I first started on sketches months ago, and had them finished for quite a while. I've been waiting until now to post them though, because I wasn't entirely certain I was satisfied with them. So, after a bit more iterating and last minute adjustments, I believe the plans are set!

Of course, these pieces are the main focus of this collection, and they'll also be available in the green and purple colorways as well. The pieces will be fully lined, feature shirring in the back, and a wide lace will finish the hem. Small black spikes will also adorn the hem, as well as the double should straps. The laser cut roses I teased a while ago? Yep, those will be taking their place on the front of the bodice.

The two button up blouses will be made out of a poly/cotton material, and the other one will be made in chiffon. I'm experimenting with shirring/elastic in my blouse designs, and I'm hopeful that they'll turn out as cute as the sketches. All blouses will be available in black & white, and the long sleeved will be made in both men & women sizing.

Vest/Puffy Shorts/Long Sk
These pieces are all unisex, so they'll be available in both men & women sizing. I'm debating about whether or not to make the vest in the printed fabric (as shown in the sketch), but it'll also be available in black & white. The puffy shorts feature a skirt/sash that will be removable, and the lining on the inside will be customizable. Of course, spikes are featured throughout all these pieces.

I posted all the colorways I'd like to do, but only the one circled in red is what'll be available at first. With the minimums that I'd need to order for each one of these colorways, the cost was just astounding, so I settled for the basic black/white color since it'll look alright with every colorway. If there's interest, I'd of course love to order these in the remaining colors.
And yes, due to popular demand, they're over-the-knee.

In addition to everything that's featured above, of course there will be things like headbows and bonnets available as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be doing orders for this print much differently than I have in the past. This time there will be a set reservation/pre-order window, and... that will be it. I won't have it readily available in store for purchase at anytime throughout the year as I've done in the past with other prints. This is simply for my sanity level, so that I can order everything I'll need to fulfill orders (like fabric and lace, and especially spikes in this case, as I get them overseas, and the laser cut roses takes weeks to get finished, oh and of course the socks too as there are minimums that need ordered and such) at once, rather than piece-meal throughout the year as I'm doing now. Right now I'm aiming to have the window in about a month from now - the end of May through the very beginning of June, and orders will be *probably* ship out 4-5 weeks after that.

Carmen Wade