Rozen's Romance: The Poem

Putting Rozen's Romance together happened a little differently than previous prints. This time I worked a lot with a close friend of mine on the concept, after I got to a point where I felt completely stuck. She can put into words what I can't, and has written a short story/poem for this print. I fell so in love with it, and I can't wait to share it with you.


Rozen's Romance


She gives a sigh and checks the hour.

A heart in full bloom, much like a flower.


Would she had fallen, had she known,

her days and nights would be alone.


Dark shadowy eyes gaze towards the dawn.

Sweet Rozen sings her haunting song.


A lover's lullaby, between sleep and waking.

A lonely heart, that's slowly breaking.


Dearest Rozen whispers his name with every breath.

A delicate artist meeting and untimely death.


Trembling hands paint her emotion.

Unwavering concentration and devotion.


Crimson lips, true beauty, yet forsaken.

Inside efflorescent spirits awaken.


 He the one who captured her soul,

Can return and make her whole.


Colors and tears drop and splatter.

Will she finish, does it matter?


Will he ever look upon her adoration?

Accepting her gift, leads to salvation.


A love so strong, it prickles like thorns.

In her locks, a brier crown adorns.


Dizzy and faint, falling to the ground.

Colorful arrays of roses spinning round.


Trapped in a world of pain and obsession,

A young artisan paints a vivid confession.


A master piece for the master of her heart.

Madness and infatuation tearing her apart.


Poor Rozen, beautiful Rozen...


-Babo Kinns

Carmen Wade