INSOMNIA is now live! :D

Well, I finally did it. This collection's only been in the works for like 8 months now, eh. 

Go have a look, the pieces are now up and shopable! Unlike print collections, this won't have a limited release/3-month waiting period or anything like that. It's here to stay forever. And unlike Melancholia, this collection doesn't have any super-hard-to-find fabrics, like the nice quality lace fabric that went MIA from this planet like a month after I released it.

I typically write a little blurb about my inspiration/meaning behind a given collection under the lookbook area. Well... I don't have a lookbook for this collection, so it's going right here instead:

This collection was designed during my production of Eat Your Heart Out. Typically when I work on crazy print reservation orders, I don't sleep because I'm so stressed out and worked to the edge of sanity. Well, this time I couldn't sleep for other reasons - I was... too inspired to sleep? Yeah that's dumb. But whatever. I found myself staying up sketching and making plans for future releases. I was just so excited to create. I even went so far as to design 2 other brands (one of which is non-Lolita); I had so many creative juices flowing for some unknown reason. Which again, is dumb.

INSOMNIA is inspired by my love of Mori fashion. I find it so gorgeous and interesting - I love the texture and layering details and sort of disheveled, carefree look it has. And while yes, Melancholia had a slight touch of Mori influence, I hadn't felt like I'd done a proper Mori tribute just yet. For me, Mori also has this creepy side to it - like a Blair Witch/woodland-witchy type feel to it, which really intrigues me. 
I was also inspired by... the nightgowns typically worn by little girls in horror movies. (Sorrynotsorry.) Creepy children and little girls are my favorite in horror movies (my heart has a special place for Samara), and as I feel like a bit of a shut-in most of the time, constantly sewing/working in solitude, I sorta feel like I'd be that creepy girl coming out of the house in the middle of the night scaring the neighbors while wearing this dress with blood on my hands.