Eat Your Heart Out

A few Lolitas are invited over for a small get-together. What harm can come from this?

This is the first successful video project that we've done for a print, and I'm overjoyed at the result! The director, makeup artist, and actors are all members of my own Lolita community, Ohio EGL, and I'm so very proud and thankful for all the hard work and sweat they put into making this a reality, and believing in me enough to follow along in these ridiculous escapades. This was most definitely a labor of love. 

Eat Your Heart Out is the guro print I've had my heart and goals set on since The Beginning of Elegy. I think Guro Lolita is absolutely beautiful, but I wanted to do something a bit different than splashing red onto a white dress - I sought out to somehow... elevate it(?), or showcase it in a way that isn't brutally obvious. I have an appreciation for gore and blood, and luckily fate dropped the lovely artist, Rebecca Cole, into my lap who also shares similar fascinations (and got mad bonus points for also being a Lolita). And thus, Eat Your Heart Out was born! 

Super simple studio shots taken by me, with model Kendyl Harrison. Since I didn't do a formal photo shoot for this print, I decided to take some simple studio shots purely for the sake of showing the garments worn. So, not the most glamorous shoot, but at least you have an idea of how these dresses look on a human.

Carmen Wade