Batty OP, Black

Batty OP, Black


✝  Made from a really light-weight cotton and fully lined with 100% polyester.
✝ Bodice features a lace overlay, and a removable grosgrain ribbon bow.
✝ Collar is sewn in (non-detachable), and made from a poly-cotton fabric.
✝ Zips up the back via invisible zipper.
✝ Hem is finished with a ~1" rose lace.

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✝ ABOUT THE FIT: This dress is meant to be super flowy and it's almost free-size. I only ask for a bust measurement just to be certain I make it to fit over your bust in a loose (i.e., not strangled) sort of way. And of course, I ask for the bicep measurement because too-tight elastic around your arms is never a fun ride.

✝ MEASURING THE DRESS LENGTH: This measurement should be taken from the nape of your neck, down to where you'd like the hem to stop. In the sample photos, the dress measures ~38" long.