Witchy Cloak

Witchy Cloak


ϟ Made from polyester poplin and lined with 100% polyester lining.
ϟ This cloak can be worn in a variety of ways: hood up/down, front open/closed/one side open/closed, hence the million sample photos.
ϟ Cloak is cut shorter in the front and hangs longer in the back - measures ~34" at it's longest point in the back, and ~19" at it's shortest in the front.
ϟ Hood is over-sized and comes to a witchy point.
ϟ Single button closure in the front.
ϟ 2 buttons in the back hold the cloak open in the front.
ϟ Buttons are available in silver, gold, bronze, or black options. So even though it's black, you can still represent your house colors (if you so desire).

☛ S I Z I N G
Sizing on this cloak is basically 'free-size'. It's a cloak. However, I'd recommend size 2 for a 45"+ bust, for a fuller drape/fit.

✂︎ I'm estimating around 4-6 weeks wait time (after the reservation window closes) before shipping. (This is just a rough estimate, as I'm always unsure of the amount of orders I'll get for a release.)

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