Fabric Rose, white


This is probably the most crafty thing I've ever made + put up for sale, and I was completely uncomfortable fumbling about with how to make this lol. I think it took me longer to construct these frigging flowers than the dresses that're meant to go with them. My brain is backwards. 

➻ This fabric flower is made from a variety of fabrics, which may vary. This one is made with some linen and lace fabrics. (But there's a good chance yours could include some burlap/rougher linen elements as well. In short, it'll most likely be nicer/more mori looking than this first attempt shown here). 
➻ Features a few faux leaves poking out the side, along with a bit of satin ribbon.
➻ Back is finished with a 2-way clip to be attached onto your person, head, bag, etc.

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