Albino Accord V2 Headbow

Albino Accord V2 Headbow


Albino Accord V2.0: reanimated and reimagined for it's second release! 
✶ This release will ship ~6-8 weeks after reservations have closed. ✶

❦ This print was created in collaboration with the most wonderfully talented Joopis
❦ Headbow is trimmed in a small gold lace and a tassel on either side, and can be positioned in the middle or either side.
❦ Headband is metal with bent ends.

✖︎ FYI: All these samples were made in a cotton voile, but your headbow will be made out of polyester chiffon. The samples aren't 100% indicative of what you will be receiving, but quite close; voile and chiffon are both super light-weight, sheer fabrics. For a long winded explanation of the events that were out of my control and led to this decision, check out my post HERE.

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