Carving Night Payment Plan: Downpayment

Carving Night Payment Plan: Downpayment


★ P A Y M E N T P L A N ★

By purchasing this package, you are making a downpayment on your Carving Night order - this downpayment is good for any and all pieces in the Carving Night series, including all garments and any add-on accessories.

Here’s how this works:
1. You purchase this package, and hooray! your Carving Night order is in.
2. I’ll email you to follow up on sizing, measurements, etc.
3. I’ll invoice you via Paypal for your remaining balance (you will be charged shipping once you check out, and this will be factored into your final shipping cost).
4. That’s it! You can make payments on that invoice at your leisure until the balance is paid off. (I typically prefer it to be paid in full within 12 weeks after reservations have closed.)

☛ Once you click ‘Add to Cart’, you’ll be able to choose your colorway/items you’d like to reserve.
☛ Just a note: I generally put all the reservation orders in a list - orders paid in full get priority, while payment plans are closer to the bottom. The quicker you pay off your balance, the higher your order will go in the list and the quicker I’ll be able to get to your order ^_~

★★★ FYI I’m going to try my darnedest to get all orders out before Halloween - an impossibility perhaps, but I’ll do my absolute best. Of course it all depends on the amount of orders that come in as well - I never know what to expect. I’m also going to try and do things a bit differently - depending on how things go these first few days I’m planning on ordering the fabric this weekend/early next week, so I can get started ~2-3 weeks earlier than I normally would, so you cuties can be spooky asap. K thx  ❤

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