Book of Shadows V2: Overdress

Book of Shadows V2: Overdress


☛ This print is a re-worked version of the original Book of Shadows, released two years ago. I went back in and edited the print to make it more visible, and reworked the colorways as well, just so it’d feel more magical. It’s also has a color gradation this time around - getting darker as it goes down. Oh, and it’s also printed on chiffon this time around.

★ Print is made from 100% polyester, soft-as-hell chiffon, and is unlined. This is why the color may look a bit dull - since it is chiffon and there’s nothing behind it other than the black blouse and skirt.
★ Hem is finished with a wide heavy lace overtop a black chiffon ruffle.
★ Sleeves are super extra long and wizardly as hell. They measure ~43” long, not including the wide heavy lace finishing the hem.
★ Neckline is elasticized, and finished with a soft mesh lace. Ribbon bow is removable.
★ Waistline is elasticized, and finished with a soft scallopy mesh lace. Bow is also made from this same lace, and is removable.
★ The structure of this garment is very full and flowy, and meant to be worn over other pieces.

☛ Blouse worn in photos is the Black Mass Blouse.
☛ Skirt worn in photos is the Insomnia Skirt (coming soon).

✄ Turnaround time! As always, this varies and is difficult to set a specific time frame, because I just never know how many orders I’ll get, etc. I think it’s safe to say I’ll have all orders shipped out before the end of the year, but I’m hoping to have the majority of them done by the end of November/start of December. Please keep in mind I’m just 1 person doing my best. I do have to wait a few weeks for lace and fabric and such to arrive as well, so that also factors into the wait time.

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