Book of Shadows Tights

Book of Shadows Tights


♆ Tights are 90% nylon, 10% spandex microfiber. They're deliciously silky soft.
♆ Unfortunately since I am having these printed elsewhere, I can't control sizing and can only offer them in 2 sizes.

☛ NOTE: I can't control how things are printed, and the tights may be printed slightly off-center (I found this out in the samples I ordered). Once worn it really isn't that obvious, but I will do my best to only ship tights that are printed acceptably.

Will be something like... 6-10 weeks or so after reservation window closes (which is July 10). Honestly, I have no idea exactly. I can never know exactly, because I don't know how many orders I'll get, or how big each order will be, etc. Please keep in mind that I'm just one human working as quickly as I can.

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Small/Medium: Fits 5' - 5'7" and 100-150 lbs.
Medium/Large: Fits 5'7" - 6'2" and 150-180 lbs.