Book of Shadows Pants

Book of Shadows Pants


♆ Made from 100% polyester poplin fabric, and fully lined with 100% polyester lining.
♆ Leg cuffs are made from 100% cotton velveteen, and each leg closes with 2 silver buttons.
♆ Back features a velvet ribbon lace-up system, to adjust for a nicer fit.
♆ The waistband measures about 4" wide. 
♆ Zips up the side via invisible zipper.
♆ Features a hidden pocket up the right side seam. 
♆ Suspenders are fully removable and adjustable. They attach to the shorts via suspender clips and can be worn a variety of ways.

☛ For sizing information, please click the 'Additional Info' link below.
☛ Sample is made in the 24" length.
☛ The only difference between these and the shorts is the price and the length.

Will be something like... 6-10 weeks or so after reservation window closes (which is July 10). Honestly, I have no idea exactly. I can never know exactly, because I don't know how many orders I'll get, or how big each order will be, etc. Please keep in mind that I'm just one human working as quickly as I can.

I've decided to reinstate payment plans again for this release, hooray! And I've updated the terms: 
☛ I now require a 50% downpayment payable before the reservation window closes. 
☛ Your balance must be paid off before your orders ships, but within a 3-month period. Unless another arrangement is made, I will automatically refund your balance if not paid off within this time frame.
☛ Due to the constraints of my shop, this will have to take place via Paypal. Shoot me an email at with your order details and I will invoice you.
☛ I... guess that's it. Please only serious customers contact me. Customers not wanting to pay off their balance/disappearing mid-payment/changing their mind well after I've already ordered their fabric/tights, etc. is what made me stop taking payment plans in the first place (thisiswhywecanthavenicethings).

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This is a customized garment, so these shorts will be made based on the measurements you give me. Measurements should be given in inches, and are presumed as such.

The waist should be measured at the natural waist, and the 'high waist' measurement should be taken about 4" above that.

The 'length' refers to the length of the shorts themselves, NOT including the waistband or legbands. It's measured from the bottom of the waistband to the top of the legbands (so it's measured similar to a skirt - it's not an inseam measurement.)

The 'leg measurement' I need is taken by measuring around your leg at the point the legband would hit. (So for instance, if you wanted these pants at a 24" length, measure 24" down from your waist, and then around your leg at that point.) I do make the legbands a bit larger than your measurement, so you can move/walk without your legs being strangled.