Book of Shadows Overdress

Book of Shadows Overdress


☛ Photos have been lightened to show detail. 
♆ Made from 100% polyester poplin fabric, and fully lined with 100% polyester lining.
♆ Lapels/collar and faux pocket is made from 100% cotton velveteen, and are finished with a single silver button.
♆ Hem is finished with a 3/4" lace.
♆ Skirt is pleated all the way around, and takes on more of an A-line shape than cupcake. 
♆ Skirt is also not joined in the back (there is a slit that I somehow managed to overlook taking photos of -___-), so it can be worn over shorts/pants or a petti easily.
♆ FIT. The fit on this thing is a bit different, as there's NO FRONT piece. The photos that look like there's a front piece is actually the vest worn underneath. 

☛ For sizing information, please click the 'Additional Info' link below.
☛ Sample is made in the luxurious 30" length.
☛ Black skirt featured in these photos is part of my Black Mass collection.

Will be something like... 6-10 weeks or so after reservation window closes (which is July 10). Honestly, I have no idea exactly. I can never know exactly, because I don't know how many orders I'll get, or how big each order will be, etc. Please keep in mind that I'm just one human working as quickly as I can.

I've decided to reinstate payment plans again for this release, hooray! And I've updated the terms: 
☛ I now require a 50% downpayment payable before the reservation window closes. 
☛ Your balance must be paid off before your orders ships, but within a 3-month period. Unless another arrangement is made, I will automatically refund your balance if not paid off within this time frame.
☛ Due to the constraints of my shop, this will have to take place via Paypal. Shoot me an email at with your order details and I will invoice you.
☛ I... guess that's it. Please only serious customers contact me. Customers not wanting to pay off their balance/disappearing mid-payment/changing their mind well after I've already ordered their fabric/tights, etc. is what made me stop taking payment plans in the first place (thisiswhywecanthavenicethings).

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This garment is a little unconventional, due to there being no front piece. For sizing, I'd recommend choosing a size that's ~4-6" smaller than your measurements.

Sizing reflects the finished garment measurements in inches. Please be aware that actual sizing may vary +/- 1/2".