Black Mass Skirt

Black Mass Skirt

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† Made from a polyester/rayon suiting and fully lined with a 100% polyester lining.
† Features a wide venice lace all the way around the waist, finished with a rosary jewelry detail at the front (will be removable). 
† Closes up the front via black plastic buttons.
† Waist is fitted (no shirring or elastic).
† Hem is painstakingly hand-stitched all around, to achieve that beautiful seamless finish.
† Can be worn with or without a petticoat, or even as an over or under skirt.

✶ Sample measures 34" in length.
✶ This piece is custom made to fit your waist - measurements can be input once you click 'add to cart'.
✶ Length options refer to the length of the skirt from waist to hem, minus the waistband.

☛ Turnaround time is the same for this collection as regular orders: 1-3 weeks (or whatever's posted at the thin announcement banner at the top of the site).

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