Albino Accord V2 OP I

Albino Accord V2 OP I


Albino Accord V2.0: reanimated and reimagined for it's second release!  
✶ This special release will ship in 3-5 weeks. ✶

❦ This print was created in collaboration with the most wonderfully talented Joopis! Printed on chiffon this time around and fully lined with a light-weight polyester/cotton. This dress is incredibly lightweight and comfy.
❦ Collar is made out of a 100% gold colored silk duipioni, finished with tassels and 2 gold buttons in the front.
❦ Bodice is made out of a solid colored chiffon in a color matching the dress, and trimmed in a metallic gold lace.
❦ Zips up the back via invisible zipper.
❦ Hem is finished with a metallic gold lace, and ruffle is trimmed above in gold tassels.
❦ Sleeve is also made from 100% polyester, in a color matching the dress. Cuff is elasticized.
❦ Front ribbon bow is removable.

▶︎ Sample dress is a Size 2, and measures 40" in length.

✖︎ FYI: All these samples were made in a cotton voile, but your dress will be made out of polyester chiffon. The samples aren't 100% indicative of what you will be receiving, but quite close; voile and chiffon are both super light-weight, sheer fabrics. For comparison photos of the chiffon vs voile, check out the blogpost HERE.

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Sizing for this dress is odd. Since the waist and bust are technically 'free size', and only fitted in the chest/overbust area, it makes measuring weird. So I've decided to base the sizing on the bust for sake of simplicity (I also do the sizing this way for another sack dress in my shop and it's worked out well so far). Simply choose the size that best matches your bust measurement. Custom sizing is available for an additional fee - please email me for questions on custom sizing, etc.