Welcome to our new home!

When I started on this website journey a little over a week ago, I figured it'd be all done and over in just a few days. In my head, I'd just crunch over the weekend and have everything up again by Monday. Well, things take time. Especially when switching over your all your hosting stuff and rebuilding from nothing, on top of regular orders and putting together a new collection. It was a lot of work, but I think it was well worth it. I'm a lot happier with the website as it is now, and I think it looks a lot less like 1997, which is why I wanted to switch things over in the first place. I actually started researching and trying to find a new shop platform way back in like... October. But it wasn't until just recently that I was able to finally follow through and get the ball rolling.

The new Elegy logo & black sheep (who still needs a name, aw!) I've had designed and finished for several months now. It's been so hard to keep it under wraps! And I've gotta say, the last few years really were a journey for me in finding my specific niche in Lolita and what Elegy should be. I feel like such a broken record saying this, but Elegy was intended to be a Gothic Lolita brand to begin with (duh, just look at the name), but over time I started to get distracted with Sweet and other styles, and I felt really schizophrenic as a designer. A lot of designs I made were one-offs, just for photo shoots and following the direction of what the photographer envisioned. I have no problem in collaborating with photographers to meet a creative end, but there comes a point where I need to say no in order to perserve the quality and integrity of my work. It's a tough lesson, but a good one.

So, Elegy is now purely Gothic! We've fallen in total love with the dark side and there's no turning back.

And now that the new site has finally re-launched, stay tuned for more updates on our newest print, Rozen's Romance, as well as our way over-due 1000 FB fan giveaway!


Carmen Wade