Ohayocon 2014

This past weekend was my second time selling at Ohayocon, and it went pretty well! Luckily this con is in my home city, so I don't have to worry about travel or hotel accommodations. And with the weather the way it was... I'm super glad I didn't have to worry about a long drive home. It snowed pretty heavily on both Saturday and Sunday, and tromping through several inches of snow in 5" platforms was not at all fun. I'm seriously surprised I didn't break both of my ankles, and I regret not having the time to get some nice photos of my coords in the snow /:

The only real complaint I have is the fact that my table was situated under an area where there was no lights, so I was basically just cloaked in a shadow all weekend. I was a little irritated, as the booths next to me were well-lit and visible, and I had people telling me they didn't even see my booth until their second pass through. That Friday after the con I did my best to find last-minute lighting, and bought a string of starry lights to help draw attention - it helped a bit, but my table was still pretty dark. Since I couldn't really do much else to fix it, I ended up just embracing the darkness, and let the shadows become part of the gothiness that was my table. Sunday I did end up getting a lamp from the staff though which helped tremendously. I guess you could say I learned a valuable lesson to always bring lights when selling at cons from now on.

That's pretty much it - I'm really boring when I sell at cons, and just end up going back home to sleep once the alley closes, lol. Waking up super early in the morning throws my sleep schedule off so badly, as I'm super nocturnal and typically go to sleep around the time I had to be up. (Which explains why I look incredibly pissy in some of the photos below - I'm not upset, just severely exhausted ;A;)

This was my second anime convention selling, apart from selling once at Frill. I'm still experimenting with my booth setup - trying to figure out something that looks nice/displays my clothing nicely, but at the same time is easy to set up/take down and doesn't weigh a ton. I think I did pretty well this time around as I fit everything into just 2 suitcases and a large tote bag. Hopefully my table will look a little better at my next con, which I recently found out will be Tekko in PA the first weekend of April!
With that, I'll end this post with the handful of photos I did end up taking.

Carmen Wade