Eat Your Heart Out | New Fabric Samples!

Today I got something exciting in the mail. Fabric samples! Okay, so a bit of explanation. After reservations end is when I make huge bulk orders for all the fabric, lace, buttons, zippers, and any other materials I need to fulfill said orders. When I went to order the print fabric, I was informed that the fabric printers had upgraded their equipment, and they would send me samples to ensure the colors were still on par. Of course I went for this, because I'd rather not purchase tons of fabric in blind a rush to get to work on orders, and then have to get it reprinted because the colors printed totally off. So today, said samples arrived, and upon comparing them to the original fabric I used for the garment samples, I was pleasantly surprised. The colors are so much prettier and closer to the original design files, I'm over the moon with joy! I took a few comparison shots in natural lighting with minimal/no editing to present the most accurate colors.

^Up first is the Fresh colorway! As you can see, the new sample is brighter than the old print. The changes are more subtle here than the other colorway, but check out that bloody knife! And way more detail can be seen in the heart as well ❤︎ The old print also looks rather muddy when compared to the new.

^Another sample comparing the prints a bit higher up on the design. Doesn't the new sample just look brighter and more... fresh? ❤︎

^Now here's the change I'm most happy about! The Putrid colorway is printing much more accurate to the design file and I could not be happier. I was dismayed with how dark the old print came out, and a bit upset because a lot of the detail blends right into the background /: But not anymore! The background actually printed the grey that we had in mind, which means the knives and other details can actually be seen now ❤︎

^A bit higher up on the design. Just look at how much more detail can be seeeeen! And whoa, those cleavers actually have handles now, who knew?

^Since this colorway has the most change, I wanted to include a few more detail shots. It always irked me how much you can't see these knife/heart illustrations.

^Soo much better, and so many more gory details to appreciate ❤︎ I also believe the tights will match this colorway a lot better now, which is definitely a plus.

Now that I've received the samples, I've already contacted the fabric people to let them know to proceed with my order. Right now the estimated time I was given was 1-2 weeks, so I will be sure to update when that comes in!

Carmen Wade