The Post-Albino Craziness

It's been a few weeks since I shipped the last fully-paid Albino Accord order, and I'm only just now recovering. The amount of orders I got was ridiculous. I know I should've cut it off just a few days into the reservation window or somehow limited the amount of orders, but I didn't think that'd be really fair and honestly, 'getting too many orders' is something I've never had to worry about (or even dreamed would happen) before. The Albino release took a lot out of me - not just energy-wise, but mentally and physically as well. I worked pretty much non-stop for several weeks on a handful of hours of sleep a night. I was constantly stressed out and worried about how much work needed to get finished everyday, and had next to no time to 'de-stress' or simply chill the fuck out. And... so that's kind of what I've been doing for the past two weeks. At this point I'm still trying to get my motivation and creative energy back, but I've definitely had a chance to catch up on sleep, and spend a lot of time simply doing nothing and de-stressing. It's hard doing all of this alone, and I know I've seriously got to think about either hiring some help or something. It'd be kind of a challenge to do at this point though - my living situation/studio size is quite small and I'm not at all set up to accommodate multiple people - in fact my studio is pretty much only big enough for one person to work in. But I guess in a way this is a good problem to have and hiring or taking on help is a huge factor that I never dreamed I'd have to consider. It's exciting, but at the same time extremely stressful and overwhelming. But for now, I suppose I'll jump back into things, get to work on the next print, and keep figuring it out as I go.

Carmen Wade