Meet-up: HP Themed

Earlier this month I attended my first meet up! My first one in nearly two years, that is. So it kinda felt like a first time since it'd been so long, and there were so many new people there who were also first timers or I've never met before. This meet-up had a Harry Potter theme, which I think was just the magic touch needed - it was such a HUGE turnout, omg. The biggest meet-up of our comm in my city at least, if not for our whole comm (I think the total count ended up being some like ~30-40 people? Which is a big deal to us as our comm is kinda spread out all over the state.). Everyone brought dishes of sweets and treats mentioned in the books, so we feasted, watched the Prisoner of Azkaban, chatted with lots of people both old and new, and I had a tarot card reading. I suck, so I have almost zero photos lol, but I did end up baking cauldron cakes which were delicious and looked magical (take my word for it since I was lazy/busy and didn't get any :P), and was kind of a nice reprieve from all the sewing I'd been doing for Eat Your Heart Out.

Speaking of sewing, I did end up making the coords for both my bf and I. Of course I had nothing Harry Potter or witch appropriate (I don't even own a wand and the only capes I have are lame ones I made years ago, back when I was like a level 3 seamstress), so I needed to make something from scratch. I've known about this meet-up for well over a month, so I did a lot of brainstorming and thinking on it while working on EYHO throughout the month. So when the time came, I was able to quickly throw something together. (Also, I do go by the sacred scripture of the books, so blue and bronze are my Ravenclaw colors, not blue and silver, ugh stupid movies getting it all wrong.) Insert shitty cell phone pics now:

I did manage to get a few worn photos at the meet-up, but of course they were taken on my phone while the sun was going down, ha. I'll eventually get around to taking some decent shots. I've also been contemplating releasing this dress in a variety of colors to represent the different houses, but we'll see. And the dress is made of a nice wool blend, so it's a really good quality and wears quite nicely. I'll probably need to post about it on my FB page though to get a measurable response. And I'm really stoked with the way my bf's coord turned out - makes me want to seriously pursue aristocrat looks ❤︎

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